Misterfone is a next generation smartphone application that lets its users make international calls at very low prices. There are no fixed monthly fees or minimum consumption and there is no advertising in the app.

The objective of Misterfone is to become the most user-friendly and economic service for calling mobile and landline phones anywhere in the world. Misterfone uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to reduce the cost of the calls, which also means that users must have a working Internet connection (WiFi or 3G/4G) on their smartphones or tablets.

Misterfone is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android telephones.

Misterfone is a registered trademark of Misterfone S.Ó r.l., a VoIP telephony company located in Luxembourg. Misterfone S.Ó r.l. is a 100% subsidiary of fonYou (www.fonYou.com), a global technology company that provides cloud telephony solutions to telecom operators. and that is based in the 22@ district in Barcelona (Spain). fonYou has received numerous international awards for its innovative products and technology.